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Great Office Opportunity!

Old LA Realty Building copy.png

Twin main entry points on front.

32 Offices in total with 6 large offices for Management.

Windowed Front Offices for entry control

Full kitchen and Break Room

5 Bathrooms

Full security Suite with keypad entry

Can be split into two businesses with 16 offices per side!

Call 731-686-9899 for more info!

We have most homes under contract in less than one week! There's no time to waste! Reach out for a property valuation or to find your new home!
Let me teach you the SECRET to maximizing your deal!

Handshake - Hand holding on black backgr

  Joshua Lynn Arnold is an expert broker, 

affluent investor, and serial entrepreneur.  

 Commission Mr. Arnold to guide and enlighten you through the buying, selling, or investing process.

  Mr. Arnold has a bountiful knowledge and experience, that when employed, give you great advantages buying|selling, and the edge you need when investing. 

 The bottom line is: Mr. Arnold's expertise will increase your bottom line!

Thank you for contacting me! I look forward to working with you!

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